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16 CM X 16 CM

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Introducing the Shree Sampurna Badhamukhti Yantra, a sacred and powerful symbol of abundance and blessings, now available from the renowned brand Vcartnow. This beautifully crafted wooden yantra is designed to bring prosperity and positivity into your life. Hang it on your wall and let the ancient wisdom of this yantra transform your living space into a sanctuary of abundance and harmony.

Hand-carved with intricate precision, this yantra features the Badhamukhti, a symbol of the open palm that represents the granting of blessings and the removal of obstacles. The Vcartnow Shree Sampurna Badhamukhti Yantra is not just a decorative piece but a spiritual tool that can help you attract wealth, success, and good fortune into your life. Whether you place it in your home or office, this yantra serves as a constant reminder of the abundance that surrounds you. Embrace the positive energy and the blessings it can bring, and make it a cherished addition to your decor with the Shree Sampurna Badhamukhti Yantra from Vcartnow.

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Shree sampurna badhamukhti yantram

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Shree sampurna badhamukhti yantrama

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